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Post-Show Report of The 12th Asia Forestry & Garden Machinery & Tools Fair 2020 (GMF)

Author:未知 Source:  Updated:2020-08-12 09:08:20 
Post-Show Report of GMF 2020   This August 3rd-5th, Asia Forestry & Garden Machinery & Tools Fair 2020 (GMF), China’s first garden machinery and tools trade show this year, was successfully h

Post-Show Report of GMF 2020


This August 3rd-5th, Asia Forestry & Garden Machinery & Tools Fair 2020 (GMF), China’s first garden machinery and tools trade show this year, was successfully held in Guangzhou to bridge numerous businesses after the global disruption.


Sincere Thanks for Yearly Supports to GMF!

In 2020, nearly 200 noted brands gathered at GMF with a varied collection of products, covering planting machinery, forestry equipment, trimming equipment, spraying equipment, irrigation equipment, gardening tools, etc.

Same as in previous years, over 73% familiar figures showcased in GMF 2020, such as STARMATRIX, Greenworks, Real, Makita, De WILD, Yuelong, Nanshui, Dongli, Qiao Li, KING RAIN, and other exhibitors supported the Show for 7+ years. Besides, 30+ overseas brands could be found on-site, including Clabe, De Wild, ANC, Craftsman, ALCO, Kawasaki, ECHO, Shindaiwa, Makita, Honda, etc. 



A Glance of Featured NEW Products

Ø ANC Technology: Intelligent Irrigation Control System

▪ A solar-powered and moisture sensor-based irrigation system with a series of pros.

▪ Covering wireless relay system, remote monitoring system, and on-screen instruction, etc.


Ø Greenworks: 82V Li Battery-powered Chainsaw

▪ Using intelligent brushless motor technology.

▪ Super battery life, power up to 2000W.

▪ Zero pollution, low noise & environmental protection.


Ø De Wild (Rizhao): GTS900 Wood Chipper

▪ Branches with a diameter up to 8 cm are easily pulled in and chipped.

▪ High output chute with deflector, easy to collect the chips.




Ø Claber: Impact Jet Pulsating Sprinkler on Double Spike

Pulsating sprinkler allows for a full or partial circular spray pattern from 20° to 360°.

UV stabilized ABS plastic and a double-pronged rustproof ground spike to ensure stability.

Works effectively with water pressure as low as 14.5 PSI up to 58 PSI.  

GMF 2020: First Choice for Gardening Machinery Purchasers

Pushed by national policies, such as the nationwide construction of forest cities, forest parks and pocket parks, characteristic towns, and etc., greening industry in China is surging while tremendous gardening machinery demands beckon.

In 2020, GMF attracted 25764 visitors, covering distributors, hardware sellers, horticulture and landscape engineering companies, fruit planters, farm managers, real estate agencies, property management companies, machinery research institutes, home decoration suppliers, etc.









Concurrent Trade Shows Boosted More Cooperation

Presenting under the same roof with  China Intl Integrated Housing Industry & Building Industrialization Expo, Asia Theme Park Landscape Expo, Floriculture & Horticulture Pavilion, etc., GMF embraced more business chances from amusement parks, tourism, real estate, and so on, successfully catered to various demand for garden machinery and tools of different industries.

Online Matchmaking Bridged Worldwide Businesses

Attracting plentiful buyers from Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, Romania, UAE, Egypt, New Caledonia, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, etc., our First-Ever Online Matchmaking Program, set for creating a barrier-free sourcing platform to connect global buyers and suppliers amid the ongoing pandemic, has witnessed the reaching of massive cross-border cooperation.


Participating exhibitors, such as Dazhuang Machinery, Foshan Nanhai, Dragon Plastic Industry, Ronald Machinery Technology, Starnatrix, Zhonglang Machinery, Wild (Rizhao), Yongkang Jiahao Industry and Trade, Qiao Li Forestry Machinery, Jingtian Tools, etc, have expressed high appraise to our in-time and innovative service, and great interest in joining the next show.


In addition to online matchmaking, some foreigners living in China had visited the Show in person, explored the local market and searched for ideal products on behalf of their overseas partners stopped by global lockdown from participation.  

Professional Associations and Advisors Backed Us Up!

Supported by associations such as Guangdong Association of Landscape Architecture and Association for the Promotion of Landscaping and Greening in Macao, as well as strong advisor group consist of STIHL, YAT, Qiao Li, Emak, Yongjia Power, Makita, Changjiang Machinery, Greenworks, etc., GMF 2020 successfully converged industry resource under one roof, making itself a magnet of professional buyers and brand companies.







While GMF 2020 embraced a successful close, a new page is being turned over for 2021! Please keep close eyes on the show’s latest update at!