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What Makes China’s Garden Machinery Market Burgeoning

Author:未知 Source:  Updated:2017-10-27 17:10:03 
What Makes China’s Garden Machinery Market Burgeoning   Looking back, China’s garden machinery market seemed hard to develop due to the fact national economy was in depression. Nevertheless, China’s garden m

What Makes China’s Garden Machinery Market Burgeoning


Looking back, China’s garden machinery market seemed hard to develop due to the fact national economy was in depression. Nevertheless, China’s garden machinery industry has seen a steady growth in recent years and embraced a new upsurge.


Why market into China?


1. Foreign Capital Pouring into China

Regardless of the fact that garden machinery development in China started quite later than the developed countries, a great number of international key players comprising MTD, STIHL, HUSQVARNA saw the tremendous potential in Chinese market and grasped the opportunities to capture the market. Their cutting-edge technologies and innovative products contribute to the booming of China’s garden machinery industry.


A lot of garden machinery manufacturers move to China on account of the high labor and operation costs. Some of them set up local facilities to reduce maximum cost, some purchase local parts and accessories, others partner with local manufacturers to have OEM or ODM business. For instance, MTD Products has expanded its business in China and established MTD Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd as earlier as in 2007. While its major competitors such as StihlAriensSnapper Inc.John Deere and Husqvarna occupy China’s market mostly by OEM.


2. Product Automation and Function Progressed

In China, the automation and function of garden tools are continuously  progressed. Take the mower as an example, it has evolved from a walk-behind push mower to a self-propelled mower. Their functions are also enriched. An old-fashioned mower may be only available for weeding. However, the high technologies make the mower multifunctional. A modern mower features the functions of grass cutting, grass clipping, collection, cleaning, speed control.


3. Industrial Upgrading Advanced

As aforementioned, China’s garden machinery was not mature until last decade. In the past, the design, reduction management, production skills of garden machinery fell behind the international level. Made-in-China garden machinery struggled in the technical bottleneck at that time. For domestic enterprises going global, the industrial upgrading is in dire need. Having realized the problem, a mounting number of domestic manufacturers began to introduce the foreign advanced technologies and performed industrial upgrading. During these a dozen of years, Chinese garden tool manufacturers now mostly hold the top-notch production techs and comprehensive innovation ability. Made-in-China garden machines are quite sought after in view of its environmental protection, reliable safety, high performance, high quality, etc.


In this regard, a rising number of manufacturers dealing with garden machinery have gained the momentum to develop. Most of them foray into foreign markets with quality products and affordable price. The keen competition between foreign brands and local enterprises could also yield a win-win result.


Market Outlook

In recent decades, garden machinery market has been well developed by virtue of growing awareness of environment greening as well as the consumption level. From municipal landscaping to household gardening, garden machinery becomes ever more important.


Predicted by the Freedonia Group, the CAGR of global gardening industry remains 4.2% while the market will scale up to 21.7 billion dollars. Garden machinery which is an integral part will sees consistently swift growth.


China as the world’s second largest economy, has the advantage in market capacity. Regarding the rising per capita income level and awareness on green environment, gardening and landscaping are attached much importance. Investments on greening, gardening take on an uptrend growth. In this case, the garden machinery market to a large extent is accelerated. It is forecast to reach above 50 billion yuan.


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