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Guangzhou: National Model City for Greening

Author:GMF Committee Source:  Updated:2016-10-08 11:10:52 
Guangzhou is awarded the title of National Model City for Greening for its overall up to standard out of the evaluation standards with 9 categories, 43 items and 35 quantified indicators. It is reported that the forest coverage of Guangzh
Guangzhou is awarded the title of National Model City for Greening for its overall up to standard out of the evaluation standards with 9 categories, 43 items and 35 quantified indicators. It is reported that the forest coverage of Guangzhou is as high as 42.03% while the green coverage is 41.5%. Guangzhou has began to take the shape of urban and rural green ecological network system which is to better balance the greening layout and significantly highlight its features as a flower city, gradually optimize the ecological environment. As a model city, how does Guangzhou out stand among so many cities?
Strategy: overall forest surrounding the city to build a strong ecological barrier
With the overall forest city implemented, Guangzhou has built a strong ecological barrier. In the north Guangzhou, 4.38 million acres of urban forest and 2.7 million acres of ecological forest, 59 forest parks and natural reserves, 10 wetland park are built, playing a vital role in safeguarding the urban ecology. Besides, the ecological landscape forest with the area of 900 kilometers comes into the green corridor of city.
In the center of the city, Baiyun Mountain scenery spot with an area of 31 thousand acres and Haizhu Wetland with an area of 13 thousand acres are under the strict protection. Moreover, Liuhua Lake, Luhu Lake, Baiyun Lake and other city parks are all in green lands that form an ecological system oriented at the greening of central urban areas, creating a comfortable and beautiful living environment for the citizens.
The green land is absolutely favored by the living things. According to the researchers, there are 7145 kind of animals and 3338 kind of plants, thousands of domestic and oversea introduced plants under the protection of Guangzhou.
Innovation: Guangzhou honored with several national award
People-oriented garden and flower-surrounded city is the expectation for all people. The greening is closely related to people’s daily life, adding luster to their life. The people-oriented garden stretches in the green hills and blue waters which can well show the improved quality of urban environment. That’s why Guangzhou has received several national awards.
Since from 2010, Guangzhou greenway has developed from zero to today’s longest greenway in the whole province. It is introduced that Guangzhou owns 3000 kilometers greenway which is connecting more than 300 scenic spots and over 160 post stations. The greenway in Guangzhou is the one with longest route, widest coverage and most population served of Guangdong province.
The difference between Guangzhou and other cities in China is that the overpasses in Guangzhou are always green and luxuriant. On the ring roads, Guangzhou avenues, expressways are covered with red bougainvillea glabra which is evergreen. More than 300 kilometers characteristic urban air gallery is presenting the leading greening level. The greening overpasses in Guangzhou, being the Intelligent Manufacturing in Guangzhou, have attracted lots of cities all over the nation to learn. 
Future: focus on greening riverbanks
Voluntary tree planting activity nowadays has become the trend and the enthusiasm of whole society runs high with many communities emerging. It is reported that there are 24 memorial forest bases for voluntary planting in Guangzhou including the Baiyun Mountain, Ersha Island, Tianhe Science and Technical Park, Huangsha Lu Forest Park in Nansha District and Jiaomen Park, Da Fu Shan Forest Park and etc.
In 2016, the first year of 13th Five Year Plan, Administration of Forest and Gardening of Guangzhou Municipality referred that Guangzhou plans to build new 10 forest gardens and 7 wetland parks. And the greening projects of riverbanks along the Linjiang Avenue and Yuejiang Road will also be taken into the major projects of this year’s forest and gardening construction.
Besides, in 2016, 150 kilometers new greenway will be under the construction so as to promoting the effective joint among the greenway and urban non-motorized system, urban garden green land and to set up a green travel traffic system.
It is obvious that Guangzhou even the whole China has been attaching much importance to the urban greening which has definitely pull up the development of horticulture industry. Provided you are interested into the enormous market and wish to take a share of it, why not come to the 9th Guangzhou Int’ l Flowers, Bonsai & Garden Exhibition 2017. You are bound to get fruitful achievement.
Date: March 13th- 15th, 2017
Venue: Guangzhou International Sourcing Center Complex
Contact Person: Ms. Mae Law